Music Posters



My work uncovers a root system, a terrain of music that is able to take inspiration and play something else out of the rubble. This work pertains to the crossroads of how one style births the next. These posters are my own interpretations of the sound, the musicians and their marker in time. The chart begins with a present day musician and treks backward through interviews and documented sources as the musicians state their ancestry of emulation. I follow this maze of muses, until the solid foundation of documentation has crumbled away leaving me with a trail of music and decades. This genealogy plays out through a layering of fading posters that meld into one nostalgic lump of imagery, which breathes lifeblood into a city and feeds the soul.


I propose to use this system of trekking through history by tracing back the inspiration of modern day musicians to a sound and place. Currently, I’ve explored Memphis musicians and their traces to each other, via interviews and then interpreted their sound and style through my own influences in design. I would like to display these works (the outgrowths of my research and my art) in a gallery setting, as well as, the outdoor arena. The final outcome would be a display and visual mapping of the genealogy of a sound and its inspiration, which feeds from the Delta region to the world. These posters would line the wall in layers and form an overall instillation of the roots of music at the crossroads. These works would be collaged in a similar manner to the artist Jacques Villegle and his work “Rue de Tolbiac, c’est normal, c’est normand” of 1962 and bear a strong resemblance the entrance of Phil Collins latest work housed at the Dallas Contemporary, which lines the walls from ceiling to floor with posters that recall the alleyways of row after row of street-pasted posters. These posters become a second skin – almost a sculptural entity as they peel and reveal the layers underneath. They sponsor a familiarity with the object and subject that most works under glass do not retain. This installation would be an ode to the venues as crossroads and hosting of inspiration feeding off of inspiration.


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